Ballet (3 yrs & Up)
Ballet is the most elementary and important of all dance forms. Ballet is considered to be the foundation of all dance forms. The school exams follow the syllabus of The British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD), which will help to develop strength, control, grace, poise and discipline, but competitive and exam students are also required to take Ballet technique classes, which include syllabus exercises from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

Hip Hop (5 yrs & up) & Boys Hip Hop
This fast paced, highly energetic class is designed for little dancers who like to move. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic hip hop moves, dance to their favourite songs, and make friends in a fun and exciting environment. Our instructors help students develop a sense of rhythm, coordination and a love of dancing.

Jazz (3 yrs & Up)
This is an energetic dance form that combines current dance and music with trends and technique. The classes consist of a warm up, down the floor progressions and stylized combinations.

Lyrical is a very interpretive style of jazz with a solid ballet base. Lyrical is set to slow music with an emphasis on the interpretation of words through movements. Balance and flexibility are in the spotlight, along with expression and emotion.

Contemporary is also an interpretive dance form based on modern styles and techniques. It has a more pedestrian feel of movement while using shapes, space and levels incorporated into it's choreography.

This is a Competitive Program Requirement. Dancers will work towards increasing flexibility, while lengthening muscles and toning muscle groups. Teachers may incorporate a jazz barre component to the class and many times work in partners to use team building skills to help each other further develop their flexibility.

Adult Classes offered please contact the studio for availability

Programs Available


We offer competitive and recreational classes in Lyrical and Jazz, however, competitive students must be enrolled in the ballet program.

We offer recreational Hip Hop classes for ages 3 to Adult. We also offer a boys only hip hop class

Technique (Jazz, Lyrical) 1 class per week
Hip Hop 1 class per week
Acro 1 class per week
Tap 1 class per week

Each class will participate in the end of year recital

Competition and exam students will be required to take the following number of ballet focused classes

Ballet (Exam/Competitive students)

Baby 1 class per week
Pre Primary-Primary 1 class per week
Grade 1 1 class per week
Grades 2-4 2 classes per week
Grade 5 3 classes per week
Elementary 4 classes per week
Intermediate 5 classes per week
Advanced 5 classes per week
Associate 5 classes per week

The competitive/exam junior program consists of 2 ballet exam classes per week and one ballet technique class (which can include pointe for the girls).
The senior students will participate in 2 ballet exam classes per week, one ballet technique class, one strength/conditioning class and one pointe technique class per week.

We offer recreational Ballet classes from ages 3 years old all the way up to adult.